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1.Operation Hour ?

Cengkerang Seafood Jumble operation hour is 1:00 pm until 11:00 pm.


2.For Delivery, Self-Pickup and Reservation ?

Delivery, Self-Pickup and Reservation can be made through website.

Delivery & Self-Pickup:https://www.cengkerangseafoodjumble.com/products


*kindly noted that for website service (Delivery,Self-Pickup and Reservation) is open from 1:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

*kindly noted that our last order for delivery, self-pick up and Pre-Order from the website is 5:30pm.


3.What is "Paxs" ?

"Paxs" is a term use by us for how many person. For Example : Jack Meets Rose 2 paxs . What is mean by that is Jack Meets Rose for 2 person.


4.Can change seating when arrived (Reservation)?

As for customer who have booked table for reservation and want to change table for example : booked for indoors and want to change to outdoor.

The answer is NO because our table is limited.


5.Recommended flavor for first-timer?

As for first-timer who wants to try seafood we recommend these.

Jack Meets Rose: A signature dish and most ordered  by our regulars, very spicy and yet flavorful.

The Butterman: is the opposite from Jack Meets Rose . Sweet, Creamy and Mild, also suitable for kids.


6.Want to change item inside Basic Instinct ?

The answer is NO because the item inside Basic Instinct Package cannot be change.


7.Want to change f.o.c drinks?

The answer is NO. The f.o.c items are compulsary for all menu.


8.Want to decorate for celebration party ?

If customer want to do decoration. First, they have to book a table through website and come to decorate their booking table 15-30 minutes before customer booked time. (If decoration takes 30 minutes customer will be charge RM 50) .


9.Recommended Package for 10 + paxs?

If customer comes with more than 10+ paxs we will not recommend any package but we can suggest how many paxs.

(For example : If customer comes with 10 paxs . Our waiter will suggest 3paxs + 2Paxs + 3Paxs + 2Paxs of any package.)


10.Want to use Private Space/Room?

If customer want to use the private room. Please met these terms and condition :

  • Number of guest / paxs is 35 and above.  
  • Minimum order amount is around RM 2000.
  • For events hours is 2 hours.
  • Add-on hours will be charge RM 50 per hour.


11.Birthday/Anniversary decoration?

If customer request decoration for celebration events , Please note that decoration request for any event must be made 3 days prior before booking and if customer decoration request is made during the booking day, customer will be charge RM50.